Wes Rasbury

Student Minister

Wes joined the Greenville Oaks church and staff in September of 2015 as the Student Minister. Wes oversees the entirety of Student Ministry, grades 6-12. This means that Wes gets to not only plan curriculum and classes for the students, but he gets to plan events, retreats, trips, and camps as well. Wes is passionate about students and adolescence and believes it is arguably the most formational time in anyone’s life. Thus, Wes desires to help students understand that they are not alone, and they are loved.

Wes grew up in the church as a Minister’s Kid. Both Christianity and church were very familiar to him, as he grew up going to church for every activity or event and he could count the number of people in his family who are not Christians on one hand. Wes was spoon-fed the Bible stories of Abraham, Noah, Jonah, Jesus, and Paul over and over again, inheriting the faith for years. It wasn’t until his junior or senior year of high school when Wes finally started asking the age old question- Why? Why did God have to flood the earth in the story of Noah? Why did God keep Jonah in the belly of a big fish for three days? (What kind of fish was it? And how did he survive?). Why did God choose Paul, a modern day terrorist? This led to Wes’ journey of making his faith just that- his faith.

This experience in senior high school led to a series of open doors, such as opportunities for Bible classes to dig in further, opportunities in ministry positions, and experiences leading groups. Originally set to major in Broadcast Journalism, Wes changed majors his first week of college and has continued to experience open door after open door in the way of leading him to Student Ministry. He can think of no other way to describe this except as God opening doors for him and leading him to where he is now. Thus, Wes desires to help create a space for students to discover and explore faith, and to make the faith their own choice before graduating.

Wes and Kylie were friends for four years and had never thought of dating each other before a mutual friend suggested the idea to each separately. After the first date, they both knew something was there. Wes and Kylie were married on March 21, 2015, in the midst of torrential downpours in Alvin, TX (everyone reassured them that this was God showering blessings on them and their marriage). Kylie loves helping people and the medical field, and is pursuing training in Dental Hygiene. She is also fantastic at connecting with people of any age, and loves to jump in and help with Student Ministry when she can. (Kylie also has the craziest beginner’s luck Wes has ever seen, so be careful betting against her). They have no children yet, but they do have a very lazy and cute dog named Willow.

As previously stated, God has seemed to open multiple doors in Wes’ path in order for him to end up here at Greenville Oaks. Wes interviewed for internship positions his freshmen year of college just for fun and for interview experience, and was offered multiple job offers the next day. A church whom he had worked with on a mission trip then offered him another internship opportunity they very next summer, and the next summer, and the next summer. He then worked for a non-profit in Abilene, TX- Global Samaritan Resources. Wes oversaw youth groups and service groups coming to serve onsite at Global. Wes then interned at Highland Church of Christ as the year-round Student Ministry intern. In the midst of all of this, Wes graduated from ACU with a Bachelor degree in Youth and Family Ministry, and from ACU’s Graduate School of Theology with a Master of Arts in Christian Ministry.

When Matt lets Wes leave the office, Wes loves to ride his bike (on sunny days), play card and/or board games with friends, drink coffee, read books, play video games, travel with Kylie to new and exciting places, try new foods, find good deals, and play with Willow.