Marti O'Rear

Children's Minister

I arrived in Allen in 2006 to serve as the new children’s minister. I always said I would never live in the Dallas area, but God most definitely had different plans for me and I am honored to serve at Greenville Oaks. I previously lived in Abilene, Texas, where I served at the Highland Church for 15 years. Collectively, I have enjoyed 21 years of participating with children as we grow and mature in our faith together.

I have two beautiful grown daughters, Kristin and Kelly, who I admire and love very much. I grew up in Fullerton, California, and attended Pepperdine University the first year the campus was open in Malibu. Yes, that certainly reveals my age. I still have lasting friendships from those days. Living in Abilene for 20 years was also something I had not planned on, but again God did. There are many treasured memories stored in my heart, but a time of brokenness also. Coming to Greenville Oaks has been a reminder of God taking us where we are and reshaping us for His purpose. He has certainly shown me grace and I am truly thankful.

What makes me happy? Listening to our GO Kids sing praises to God and receiving hugs from them. I love to sing classical music, hang out with family and friends, go on walks/hikes, and enjoy sitting on my patio listening to birds.