Matt Mazza

Executive Minister

I am the oldest of three kids born and raised in the Dallas area. I was “born on the back pew” and went to “church” every time the doors were open. My understanding of church and religion was simply to learn, believe and don’t mess up and if you did mess up, hope that grace was enough. Over the last 30 years; my life, my faith and my family have evolved and I am forever grateful for the numerous people that God has placed around me in helping reveal what His true purpose for my life was and still is to be. There is nothing I can do to separate myself from the love of God.

One of those I am most grateful for is my amazing wife, Kristen, who I married in 1997. Kristen and I dated and eventually married while we attended Oklahoma Christian University where I received my religious education ministry degree in 1998. Kristen has exemplified love, grace and mercy within our marriage and she has been a tremendous influence in my pastoral career and in my personal life. We have been blessed with two wonderful kids, my son Blake and my daughter Chandler.

Before coming to Greenville Oaks I served at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ for 12 years. I am so thankful for the many years of ministry service God has allowed me to have and I am truly blessed to now be at Greenville Oaks. I look forward to many more years of wondrous things to come as God continues to work in me and through me for His glory.