Michael Collodi

Communication Minister

Michael joined the Greenville Oaks staff as the Communication Minister in December of 2017. Michael has a mutli-disciplinary role, leading the Communication, Creative, Media, and Technology teams at Greenville Oaks. His passion for communication using media and technology has influenced his desire to help engage the church community in the purpose that God has created for it.

Michael has grown up in the church, inheriting a faith from his parents and attending every time the doors were open. The foundation of his youth was a belief that we should try to be as good as possible, waiting until our time in heaven would come, and trusting that grace would fill in the cracks of our failures until Jesus returned. As he has grown, his faith has evolved to a place where he is trying to fulfill God's purpose everywhere that he is and trying to share God's love with others through his daily relationships.

Michael married his college sweetheart, Stacey, in 1995 and has two children, Nicole and Michael. They currently live in Frisco, Texas, where they have resided for most of their adult lives. Stacey is an Event Planner in Dallas and is an avid photographer. Nicole is attending college and is a talented baker. Michael is currently in high school and plays soccer with the FC Dallas Academy.

Michael has an eclectic and extensive employment history in which God has prepared him for a ministry service founded on media and technology. He received his Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refining from the Colorado School of Mines in 1995. He has worked as a mechanical and electrical engineer, working in this environment to support the manufacturing of semiconductors; and as an Information Security professional for Sally Beauty, protecting the company, its customers, and assets from malicious hackers. Michael also has a professional ministry background serving for 7 years as the Communication Minister at the Prestoncrest Church of Christ in Dallas and for 2 1/2 years as the Worship Production Manager at Greenville Oaks.

This background in Engineering, Information Technology, and professional Ministry, combined with a personal passion for video production and continual learning, has prepared him for this specific ministry role at Greenville Oaks.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys watching sports, soccer primarily, traveling to National Parks and staying fit with Stacey, walking, hiking, and riding bikes.

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