Families come in all shapes and sizes: Couples with and without children, single parents, multiple generations under one roof, church families, work families, college and school families, neighborhoods and whole communities.

No matter what your family make-up is, sharing meals together in an intentional manner and practicing hospitality can strengthen family bonds and nourish spiritual growth.

We are asking Greenville Oaks members to STOP. EAT. CONNECT. and commit to:

  • Eating together as a family (with spouse and/or kids) at least THREE times per week
  • Eating with friends, neighbors or co-workers at least ONE time per week (especially if you are single or without children in the home)
  • Eating with a Connecting Point Group at least TWO times per MONTH

Thank you for joining us in hospitality and becoming more intentional with family mealtime.


To help you with ideas about being intentional about sharing meals together in an intentional manner and practicing hospitality, we are providing you with the following resources:

Meals@Home GUIDE



Resources can be downloaded above OR stop by the Faith@Home Center the next time you are at the Greenville Oaks church building and pick up your FREE KIT.



Congratulations to the Nic & Ashley Belcher family for winning the GRAND PRIZE of a Staycation!  We hope you enjoy your night out and all of the other goodies in your gift basket!

 Congratulations to all of our Monthly Meals@Home Contest winners!


  • Dennis & Yvonne Hale
  • Gerry & Donna Taylor
  • Cody & Robyn Thompson Connecting Point Group


  • Casey & Hayley Eoff
  • Mike & Cindy Stanley
  • Brent & Mary Schartung (for the Mabry/Hickman Connecting Point Group)


  • Ben & Sarah Jolly
  • Michael & Katy Vendetti
  • Casey & Hayley Eoff (for the Lee/Pruett Connecting Point Group)