Frequently Asked Questions
For Those Interested in Celebrate Recovery

Q: What is Celebrate Recovery?
A: Celebrate Recovery is a process for developing a stronger relationship with God and working through the hurts, hang-ups and habits that we experience in life.

Q: Who is Celebrate Recovery for?
A: Celebrate Recovery is designed for anyone (18 years or older) who is interested in experiencing healthy resolution of hurts, hang-ups and habits regardless of what they might be.

Q: Isn’t this one of those twelve step programs for people who have addictions?
A: Celebrate Recovery can help people with various addictions, but is helpful for people struggling with all kinds of things we don’t think of as addictions. This ministry helps people in a wide variety of situations work through things to become more healthy and live a life of peace as God intends us to live.

Q: Does Celebrate Recovery require people to bare your soul to people in the group whether you want to or not?
A: No one is ever required to share anything more than they choose to share in Celebrate Recovery.

Q: Isn’t there a problem with someone talking about something that is shared in Celebrate Recovery outside the meeting that would hurt someone else?
A: Everything shared in Celebrate Recovery is absolutely confidential and anonymous and no one is allowed to repeat anything they hear another person say in the meetings.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in Celebrate Recovery?
A: There is never a charge to attend a Celebrate Recovery meeting. Offerings are given each week on a strictly voluntary basis for those who wish to give and people can purchase materials if they choose.

Q: Is childcare provided?
A: Yes. Childcare is available and offered without charge. Anyone who needs childcare is asked to register their children in advance so we can ensure we have an appropriate number of people to help. Registration is available on the Celebrate Recovery section of the Greenville Oaks website.

Q: When does Celebrate Recovery happen?
A: Celebrate Recovery at Greenville Oaks meets every Wednesday night from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m., with a time for refreshments and visiting together afterwards.

For more information, contact or call 972-727-2359.