Eastern European Missions

Greenville Oaks has partnered with Eastern European Mission (EEM) to provide Bibles and Biblical literature for public schools in the Ukraine. Many Ukrainians, officials and teachers, believe giving the Bible to their children will change the future of their country for the better.

What EEM Does…

God designed His manifold wisdom to be made known to the world through the church, as we read in Ephesians 3:10. Ephesians 1:4 shows us that it was His blueprint from the beginning. All across Eastern Europe, New Testament churches are being planted. EEM has assisted the growth of the church in the former communist nations by supplying Bibles and Biblical literature to individuals, families, church members, churches, missionaries and campaign groups. EEM also provides them with other support services. In Ukraine, EEM is heavily involved in a comprehensive approach to share the Gospel, which has resulted in over 100 New Testament congregations being started in just the last few years.

What could be better than putting Bibles in public schools, entire states at a time? Training teachers in those schools how to understand the Bible and how to use it in their classrooms, of course. EEM has been allowed to hold seminars to train teachers in some of the states where we have put Bibles in public schools. The benefit of these training seminars is immediate comprehension of key concepts, morals and spiritual values. These principles can then be taught in the classrooms of those schools.

Get Involved

For more information on how you can partner with EEM and their mission to provide a Bible to everyone in Eastern Europe, visit www.eem.org.