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Connect GroupsConnect Groups are made up primarily of Greenville Oaks members who share a similar life stage or common interests with one another. These groups have a primary focus of caring for one another and encouraging spiritual growth and discipleship with one another as they share life together.

Connect Groups are encouraged to meet together weekly, usually in homes, and normally for a period of 9-12 months. They also join together in serving others in our community on a regular basis, either as one of their meeting times or in addition to those. Often this will be done together as a group in a church structured initiative or in connection with a community services ministry/program. 

[More information about service opportunities at Community Partners]

Connect Groups will typically meet in the home of one of the members of the group where they will join in a time of discussion-based Bible study, sharing concerns and blessings with one another, and praying together. Some groups share a meal together, weekly or occasionally, while others simply have light refreshments. There is a continual emphasis on mutually communicating life needs and situations so members can get to know one another and support and care for one another in significant ways.

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